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China cap mould Maker

MS Mould is the famous Chinese cap mould maker which specialized in producing water cap mould and bottle cap mould. We can offer you different kinds of plastic cap mould solutions, eg, automatic unscrewing ejection cap solution, bi-injection system cap solution, complex flip top cap solution and irregular shape design cap solution.

-Adopt imported P20,2316 etc, steel.

-Hot runner is designed advanced and reasonably, each cavity heat controlled independently, temperature uniform.

-Each cavity and core have independent cooling system, shorten production cycle time.


MS Molds is a global brand established by a high-tech injection mold manufacturer. It has more than 25 years of R&D, manufacturing and sales experience in the field of plastic molds. Our R&D team has been continuously optimizing and improving plastic molds for many years. To provide customers and the market with high-quality, high-efficiency, high-speed plastic molds, to help customers realize the production of plastic products in the shortest time.

In order to ensure the cap dimension precision, dimension inspection is carried on after each mould plate tooling. For the flip top cap mould, we have successfully made 24 cavity cap mold with in-mold-closing system, to protect the flip top cap folding area efficiently.

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