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More then 20+ years experience,a Chinese leading manufacturer of PET Mould,PET Preform Mould and Cap Mould.

With 20+ Years of experience, MS has emerged as a leading manufacturer of PET Preform Mould for preforms ranging from 6gms to 720gms and neck sizes from 12mm to 150mm. Company has successfully designed and developed Preform Moulds up to 96 Cavitations at its complete in-house manufacturing facility.

Well Customized hot runner system with spring loaded shut-off pin and pneumatic controlled high end imported Hot Runner System.

The hardened mould parts with deeply engaged tapers enhance the mould life and require minimum maintenance. Special surface treatment and coating on core inserts for easy ejection of preforms.

72 Cavity Pet Beverages Bottle Preform Mould
72-Cavity Preform Hot Runner Molds
48 Cavities PET Preform Mold Supplier in china
48-Cavity Preform Hot Runner Mould
32-Cavity Preform Hot Runner Mould
24 Cavity 28mm Pet Preform Bottle Mould Hot Runner
12-Cavity Preform Hot Runner Mould
12 Cavities China Jar Preform Mould Suppliers
8 Cavities Hot Runner Needle Valve Jar Preform Mould