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16 cavities hot runner cosmetic cap mould

MS has already delivered thousands of satisfying plastic cap injection moulds (cavity number could up to 144) to leading packaging part molders in Europe, North & South America, Australian, Asia and Africa. As one of the leading cap mould manufacturers, MS is specialized in offering different kinds of plastic cap mould solutions for flip-top cap moulds, water cap moulds, cosmetic cap moulds, shampoo cap moulds, e.g., automatic unscrewing ejection cap solution, bi-injection system cap solution, complex flip top cap solution and irregular shape design cap solution, etc. to well meet the specific needs of cap industry.

We are one of the most reliable companies in this domain offering PET Preform Mould and Cap mould with advanced mould design technology.

We have significant experience in the manufacture of cap moulds for different types of closures by customer's demand.


1. Mold Material We use high-strength mold materials to apply to the bottle cap mold base. Available materials include: 2083, P20H, 718H, etc.; the main part of the bottle cap mold, including core, cavity, return plate (set) and related For inserts, we use high-grade plastic mold steel. The optional materials include: 2083, 2344, 2311, 2316, 2738, S136, etc.; and a professional heat treatment company heats the main part of the bottle cap mold. The hardness of the material is generally Is more than HRC45;

2. Mold Design Drawing lessons from Western bottle cap mold design, combined with our rich experience, using innovative mold design, make the quality of the bottle cap mold of MS Mould reach perfection;

3. Mold Parts Processing Use high-speed CNC machining center to process molds and carry out standardized operations; ensure the accuracy of the parts of each bottle cap mold and achieve the interchangeability of each part;

4. Fast Cycle TimeApply a perfect cooling channel on the bottle cap mold, combined with the use of fast cooling materials, to optimize the cycle time, make production more rapid and stable, and improve production efficiency;

5. Selection Of Cavity Number Of Mold1 cavity; 1x2 cavity; 2x2 cavity; 2x3 cavity; 2x4 cavity; 2x6 cavity; 3x4 cavity; 3x8 cavity; 4x4 cavity; 4x6 cavity; 4x8 cavity; 6x6 cavity; 6x8 cavity; 6x12 cavity;

6. Hot Runner System Of MoldThe self-developed high-quality hot runner system is reliable and stable; it can withstand ultra-high pressure injection pressure without leakage. After optimizing the gate of the mold, it can produce perfect plastic products; all parts of the hot runner of the bottle cap mold All use high precision, high hardness, super wear-resistant materials;

7. Mold Delivery TimeFast delivery time, the delivery time of bottle cap molds is generally controlled within 60 working days;

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